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I'm posting this on behalf of a friend, who's grandfather is looking for a friend he served with. Not sure if I can post the full names, so if anyone has any idea then drop me a PM and I can pass the information on.

These are the details I have:

They were both Royal signals and part of the Royal Scots Greys.

This was between 1959 and 1961 and the bloke was originally from the Frimley Green area in Surrey UK.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


War Hero
Good day Rhur. Go to the Royal Signals Association website they have heaps of information and links for you to follow up on,
I have been fortunate enough to track down three of the blokes I served with in the fifties. Don't hang about, they will all be around the seventy years of age plus mark by now. Another two blokes I served with died last year, and I only found out because their names were on the roll for Last Post.
I apologise for not posting a link, remiss of me, but I am still not able to do so. I am sure someone will oblige.
Good luck.

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