Searching for someone.. sort of..

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by RoyalEngineers, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone on here is, or knows of Ca*******l.

    Last I heard he was joining RA as a HVM gunner, and went Harrogate.

    Thanks, it's just someone I know, and if anyone else knows him maybe I can catch up a little :lol:
  2. I knew a Carl Ethridge?

    Any use??
  3. No, that is a surname up there ;) thanks all the same
  4. Worst game of hang-man ever.

    T C
  5. What about Carm*****l
  6. Ah! Easy! Carmichael. So what do the stars achieve?

    Edited to add: Apologies for the intrusion onto a Corps thread. :oops:
  7. I don't know, just to say.. not blurt out someones name :p

    I guess it's not as if i'm talking about anything directly concerning him. Just him in general :p Anyway, anyone know him?
  8. That's at leat 2 posts on the Gunner site...RE not doing it for you?

    When was he at Harrogate?
  9. 2006-2007. And I like Gunners aswell you know :p I've always shown an interest in the RA..
  10. That's because we're sexy...don't know your bloke though. Sorry
  11. Fair enough.. sexy hey? I'll pick RA as one of my job choices anyway, just not sure WHAT exactly and where in my list of preferences it will be ;)