Searching for jobs...job code help

I've been given a list of jobs that I can apply for, but can't seem to find any information about them on the Army website.

I've tried putting the job code into the search bar and nothing is found. Does anyone know where I need to go?

I bet its going to be something really obvious as well!

Yes your Recruiter will and should of explained all, if your unsure then ask at the ACIO and they will printt the three preferences off for you which explains in more detail and also give you booklets explaining in a bit more detail. Out of interest whats the CEGs you dont understand??
All I got was 1 sheet with one job choice on, my first choice, and a list of jobs that I could also pick. I was told to just pop the job code in and it would take me to the page, but it doesn't do that.

What does CEG mean?
Job code.

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