Searching for Info 21 Engr Regt 1983 to 1985

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Willie Weaver, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi, i was in Nienburg Weser from 83 thru end of 85, 2 Platoon, 1st Fld Sqn. I am writing a blog at JW - A Life of Surprises about my life and have completed the years from birth til 1983. 1980 to 1983 i was at AAC Chepstow and have blogged those years if you are interested? I am looking for info on: -
    1st Fld Squadron bar (in the attic), Al Tonner was barman along with Chalky White.
    Exercises and bridge runs we did, i remember one where we went to Keil north german, in winter where we matched for days and nights in the bitter cold, got caught nipping into bars for hot toddies and eating currywurst by the CSM!
    Wunstorf and Formel Eins club.
    Hannover and the clubs, Mr Drinks and Phantasm etc.
    Ammo dump guard duty (was in some woods middle of nowhere!
    Any names from those days?
    Appreciate all and any news guys and gals.
  2. FFS, We have Troops not Platoooons, We have SSM's (the Badge man/ Stickman/ tara) not CSM's
    The only Ex that I know of that far north in BAOR was by 5 Sqn RE from 26 Engr Regt on Air Mobile trials and they only got as far north as Flensburg.
    Te Kiel Kanal area if that is what your on about was an Airborne Ex that went terminally wrong.
    Are you on the right board mate ?
  3. Macsapper, thanks for the reply, but mind is pretty foggy seeing as i left (med discharge) back in 85! Were you born then?:eye: I was in no way a green brain either, so tended not to notice too much of what was going on around me. Not taking the piss, but just that a lot of the more green stuff never figured on my radar. Getting the CSM/SSM was a genuine mistake, seeing as they were CSM's at Chepstow. The Kiel thing was more a long weekend forced march dream't up by our CO.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  4. JW, Nay probs mate, I still couldn't find my way around Hameln in the daytime even after being in the Father land for 15 years.
    Night time though I could find any nook and cranny.