Searching for a long-legged female - Part III

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Ok, after the previous 2 threads got trashed , this is the 3rd one.

    Now, PTP is passing interested in talking to women with legs up to their armpits , that's not the only criteria but it don't hurt.


    If you're;

    1. Intelligent
    2. Leggy
    3. Attractive
    4. Not suffering from terminal insecurity issues, and a SCH
    5. Take an interest in Current Affairs and by that , I don't mean the bloke you're trying to /are shagging on Arrse this week
    6. Are a nice person

    ....then make yourselves known, and get a piccie up.

    No, it's not just for me, loads of Male arrsers interested in the same thing, but we've a shortage of leggy eye-candy hereabouts (Boo2/Brite/Moody/Gilly stand fast)

    In your own time ladies.

    I'm sure some enterprising Arrse female will start an equivalent thread :D
  2. We're standing fast (and falling about laughing) :D
  3. PTP,

    I fear you may be setting your standards far too high.

    Me, I'm happy with anything that's got a pulse and a shadow....
  4. One would assume the quid pro quo here is that you actually need to let these ladies know what you have to offer to the mix PTP. Some integrity/honesty may be required to teper the flamboyancy however as, on a public domain, others may feel inclined to disagree!
  5. That's your first mistake Ant, assuming there will be a quid pro quo. I also said talk to as opposed to nail to the nearest kitchen table.

    Anyway , I am doing this for Arrse males everywhere, in a philanthropic gesture.

  6. whats "long-legged" for a tommy...
  7. There is your first mistake.

    I purely meant that there is no incentive for these ladies to show themselves if they fit your somewhat shakey criteria.

    If you were being purely philanthropic you would have posted something to draw them out. E.g.

    Young, single, Tall, well spoken and educated chap seeks XYZ. (If those are my stats I couldn't say past example level). Posts to the thread with return details preferred, PMs if no other option but be prepared to be referred to a suitable fellow arrser if felt incompatiable. See?
  8. 34" inside leg
  9. OI! there's only room for one match maker on ARRSE and it's not you soap boy!

    Beebs x

    PS what he said PTP.
  10. hm...
    is that 86,4cm?
  11. Of course, the referral would have been to you to then refer as appropriate being mummy arrse etc. :D
  12. Now, how much stick are we females going to get if we start posting our pics on here - I mean, look at all the crap that was thrown at me when I first dared to post! 8O
  13. Yes, it is. Is that your size? Or are you just quick with a calculator?
  14. We could start the arrse dating service. Everyone should post a wee profile and then a profile of what they are looking for in the opposite sex and we could match them up.

    P.s Bennett, you're a gwa so you don't really get much option in anything you should take what you can.
  15. Golden showers Jest?