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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Feenix, Dec 18, 2011.

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  1. I have been reading, with interest, the thread about employing TA personnel and reflecting on my time since I have both served and been in the civilian workforce. In my opinion there needs to be a review both by government and other agencies to work out just what is happening and where we as a country are heading before there is a great big bloody disaster.

    The combined size of the regular military is now so small that it is in danger of imploding and that is understandable. The government continues to, it seems, without any consequences lumber this ever depleting force with more and more commitments oblivious to the fact that this has a debilitating result on each and every member irrespective of rank and arm.

    The TA is now being used , in my opinion, in the same way that Regular Reserves were intended to be used that is back up in times of need. That is sloppy, crap management and taking the cheap option to the detriment of those who serve.

    The role of the TA should be basically Home Defence unless there is a General Call to Arms, that is to say we are invaded or war is declared.
    Government, who mostly do not have any experience of anything military and that includes a lot of the whozzos on the General Staff need to understand that having a military presence doesnt come cheap and having a world class military is fcucking expensive.

    With the best will in the world who would be a career soldier now the way in which they and their families are treated. The whole bag of crap needs a major review and they need to stop trying to run things on the cheap it costs live and anguish.
    Finally I would remind all of you that this has been discussed to my knowledge for about the last 40 years and it is still not sorted.

    Its time for a proper review and not relying on the TA, as good as they can be to back up and bail out bad planning
  2. An easy answer would be to create three broad types of reserve for the Army, with mission specific roles i.e.

    (i) the inactive (Regular) Reserve, although an annual kit check, MATT Level 3 training/testing might prove useful (with a tax-free bounty thrown in as an inducement, set at the call-out gratuity level, for example)

    (ii) the General War (Territorial Army Group A) Reserve with units roled for UK Ops or Regular Army reinforcement according to need

    (iii) the High-Readiness Reserve, with IRs roled for UK Ops or again Regular Army reinforcement (predominantly specialists, so based upon the National TA)

    Ultimately, functionality is key, but can the new team at the top recognise this?
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  3. That's an excellent suggestion, just a shame those clowns at the top can't think of something along those lines
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  4. Nothing will be done until the British army loses a war. Then all hell will let lose and the politicians will look at each other wide-eyed and wonder where it all went so wrong.
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  5. Thank you. I just waiting for Porridge Gun to shoot me down in flames ;-) Sorry, I don't know enough about the RAF, RN/RM operating models to comment upon their reserves.
  6. You're not wrong, but the price will be good men (and women's) lives.
  7. You know what though when you think about it. It's a ******* scary prospect that we'd have to lose to have something like this brought in really.
  8. That sounds remarkably like 1968/1971 (when I took the Queen’s shilling in the TA / when I was commissioned in the TA) :)
  9. Did it work then, or did it prove too expensive?
  10. The whole Armed services have always been used by the upper echelons of the "Establishment" my friend, always has been, always will be.

    On the other side of the coin, i suppose "we" have used the military by way of gaining whole variety of skills to help propel us through life, as well as personal satisfaction of knowing our own personal limitations.

    As for the combined size of the regular military being so small that it is in danger of imploding, i would agree with you that it will soon have to come to a dramatic conclusion sooner or later regarding the pace of sustained cutbacks especially since the end of the cold war!

    May be in another 10-20 years the United states will fight our battles for us if we agree to be their 51st state. :)
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  11. We could become the State of Englandshire Army and Air National Guard with Cleggy as the Governor and Danny Alexander as the Adjutant General.
  12. It's remarkably like it was before the amalgamation of the TA with the Volunteer Reserves which became the TAVR. Also at the same time anyone demobbed could still be called to the colours for a fixed period as a reservist.
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  13. How do you define a loss though? Losing the most troops in battle, or running out of money quickest? Our gormless politicos will continue to sport vacant expressions regardless of which occurs first.
  14. We haven't lost the most blokes yet, thank God, but we're doing a good job of running out of dosh. Our lords and masters aren't up to much, but Philip Hammond (my local MP) strikes me as an honourable man who is trying to do his best. I thought that he was a good Sec of State for Transport, although I didn't agree with him about shitcanning Airtrack; nevertheless, it proves that he is able to make difficult decisions. I guess that his next difficult decision will be which equipment platforms to chin-off next and how many more Regulars to sack. The problem is that Libya has deluded Cameron and Osborne (Hammond doesn't really come into this and, as for Cleggy, he's nowhere) into thinking that regime change can be done on the cheap, even though we lacked the maritime and air assets to do it properly and relied on large degree of luck, combined with a little i.e. a lot of help from our (French) friends.
  15. Your missing the point, we don't need a military anymore, we have moneyed men in Saville row suits who have never served, to look after us now!