Search Warrant

Two Drug Squad detectives and a van load of uniforms turned up at a remote farmhouse. When the old farmer answered the door the plain clothes D.I. Held up a search warrant and said. "Drug Squad, we have received information that cannabis plants are being grown here and we're going to search the premises.
The old farmer replied. "Cannawot? never heard of it, search all you like, but (pointing) keep out of that there field"
The D.I. pulled out his badge and raised his voice. "D'you see this badge? this says that I am a Police Inspector, you old git, this badge and this warrant say that I can do just what I like and go anywhere the f**k I like, now get out of the way." He instructed the other detective to take the uniforms in and give the place a thorough going over. They all charged through the door, pushing the old man to one side and the D.I. said. "Now, I'm going to check the barn in that bloody field you want me to stay out of." He stormed off and climbed over the locked gate.
Shortly after, the police inside the farmhouse heard screams and looked out of the windows.
The D.I. was sprinting across the field with a huge snorting, angry bull gaining on him, screaming to the farmer. "Help me, for God's sake, please help."

The old farmer shouted. "Why don't you show him your f****n' badge and warrant, smartarse?"
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