Search the man before you give him a rifting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wayner1970, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. headline 'ARMY GUN NUT'

    once again a very balanced and impartial bit of journalism from the self styled 'forces paper' :roll:

    dont buy the scum.
  2. Well lets see - he is in the Army, he had a gun and he is obviously nuts...................

    Whats wrong with the headline????
  3. There was already a thread on this, and it was removed
  4. much as chasing the countless nco's who have given me bollockings firing wildly at them. face it I'm unlikely :D to hit them makes me giggle.
    you really expect sgts to be a bit more grown up about this sort of thing :evil:
    well at least the battalion haven't got to go chase him round the countryside nutter :(
  5. Apart from the obvious jurno shite, Engineers don't have colour Sergeant = Staff Sergeants. And a SSgt at 42??

    What the fucke are Engeers doing with guns at all :?
  6. I heard he was knocking off Bonnie Parker.

    Kevlar vest - apc!!
  7. I loved the last line......

    "The AK47 is not British Army standard issue"

    Is that what really upset the SSM?

  8. The problem with this is?
  9. I hope he goes down for at least 7 years. That'll teach the c*nt. For once, there is f*ck all wrong with the Sun's headline. What sane person does that sort of thing? I also hope that when he's inside his bird get's shagged blind by someone who he doesn't like. Now that would be funny. Combat Navvy's...what are they all about?
  10. Thought he showed admirable restraint, myself. Didn't even blat off a full mag. Very British, hiding your feelings like that. Stiff upper lip, etc.
  11. Umm... what they're not all about is being Colour Sergeants and members of CIMIC.

    Just because there's a big red and blue stripy sign at the front doesn't mean that everyone at Gib is in the Engineers.
  12. Just because the incident is in RE Bks doesnt mean the people involved were RE! Clue is in the end of the Sun piece.
  13. i suspect he's TA / FTRS...a good proportion of the CIMIC Gp are not regulars, that may explain why he's 42?
  14. little bit gay

    no fcuking shi t!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.