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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by pentopjim, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. ive been trawling through the sapper forums regarding the search teams as i understand you dont have to be in 33 but whats the procedure? can you apply for it as soon as you get to a unit? also, are you constantly out on patrol with the infantry or just called out on specific tasks? do you do a lot of infantry training to look after yourself if your on a task and end up in a major contact? and do you take on normal sapper tasks like constructing wen not out on patrol, or is that just a waste of training?
  2. NT, wrong. Not only 33, all engr units will be sending blokes on the search course, had lads from 26,22 and 38 Reg out with us. Pentopjim,you will no doubt see a few contacts and although you will have decent infantry back-up 99.999999% of the time, you still have to be able to look after yourself and not be babysat by the infantry. P.M me if you have any more questions fellah ;)
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    I know you are only a baby boy, who has now had a little experience under his belt, but please post factual stuff and not pish. We do have potential recruits asking questions , so we need to show the Corps in a good light. Especially you as a serving Sapper.
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  10. There are a couple of courses run that are 33-specific but the main Royal Engineer Search Team (REST) and Royal Engineer Search Advisor (RESA) courses are not. Different squadrons have different ways of doing things before going on a tour where RESTs are required - some will employ part of an already formed Troop, others will select those who they think are the best people for the job and yet others will ask for volunteers. It's not usually a course that you do as an individual at your level but there is no harm in making it clear at your intial interview with your new Troop Commander that it is something that you'd be interested in doing.

    Being the diverse bunch that we are, not every squadron that deploys will have a search role - you could end up doing almost anything. On your first tour, I wouldn't worry too much about what that will be and certainly wouldn't be disappointed if it's not search. Current ops offer better opportunities to carry out combat engineering in a hostile environment than have existed for a long time.
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