Search option on FORUMS drop down

Please could 'Search' be included in the drop down menu?

Yes to the first and I don't know what you mean exactly by the second. Does this mean you want a floating menu that stays at the top of the screen? If so you'd need to get some more support as they annoy the hell out of me, and very few sites use them for that reason I guess. Also they rely on javascript which not everyone has enabled. Any more views on this?

I think this is what DH means:

only not quite as in-the-middle-of-the-screen I would think.
NNNNNOOOOOOOO! with you on the annoyance factor!
I just mean that as you hover over the "button" for .........oh sod it, it doesnt matter :wink:
Is it possible to link directly to a page that contains a search that is requested rather then having to wade through all pages of a thread to find it.

I.e. Search Warrior and it shows which forum and which page this is mentioned on?

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