Search function gone to rat shit

So you've finally broken it.

I was going to use the word buggered.


Concur, I've tried searching for a few threads tonight and the result was feck all.
Yep. 'Pointless', 'Inane', any combination thereof = bugger all.

I feel your pain

Good CO

Errrr I wasn't being serious ...perhaps.... Sir?
Roger - I missed the point, and I must admit I still do!

message 1: "Nope, must be you, no one else uses it."...

message 2: "There's a search function??"...

......"I feel your pain"

runs along the lines of

"bananas are yellow"

"but what about apples?

"I feel your pain"

Anyway, whatever the point was, at least the search function works :)
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