Search for UVF bomb continuing

Searches for a suspected UVF bomb at Dublin's Mansion House - the lord mayor of Dublin's official residence - are to continue into Friday.
The Mansion House was evacuated on Wednesday evening when Lord Mayor Vincent Jackson left the premises.

This followed reports that the loyalist paramilitary group left a bomb there 25 years ago during a Sinn Fein annual conference.

A suspect device found earlier did not contain explosives.

Army bomb disposal experts have been concentrating on the roof area.

Surrounding streets have not been cordoned off during the searches.

Gardai would not officially confirm whether the searches were linked to a claim by the Ulster Volunteer Force that 25 years ago they planted a device there which failed to explode.

Sinn Fein Dublin MEP Mary-Lou McDonald said it was "somewhat bizarre".

"If there is a device in the Mansion House, it's not the first time that the UVF have planted bombs in the city," she said.
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