Search for the best Chocolate bar

I was wondering which chocolate bar you think is the best.
It can be either a famous ones like; mars, or twix. Or if you prefer a penguin or rocky of the supermarket ilk. (these include revels and minstrels etc.)
So what is YOUR favorite, and why?

(oh and mine has to be time out!!)
bounty bar is my fav why you have to nibble the chocolate on the outside and then eat the coconut later it make you think you are in paradise

i also have a cholate fountain which i use cadburys chocolate with and dip mashmallows in to the chocolate
Caramel everytime
yorkie original..the fcuking dogs danglies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taz-786, you may find them in the smaller corner shops, i'm sure i have seen them.

Personally, my choice is bourneville..delish!

Pentwyn, are you sure these soldiers you profess to be in love with aint female? Every avatar of yours features a ladies arrse!
For me any one of these ...Yorkie Raisin+biscuit, Double decker,Toblerone or Picnic
or from the old skool the Daddy of chewy stuff the 'Texan bar'...(made from a block of indian rubber dipped in chocolate IIRC)
You are all just dabblers in the world of REAL chocolate with your tastless dumbed down Yorkie bars and the like.

There is only one chocolate bar worth your time and effort.

This is a choccy bar made from 100% cocoa no milk no sugar no added shite just pure chocolate.
mmm well since they took Wispas off the market - which were fab dunked into tea

I would have to go for mini eggs and creme eggs - seasonal i know but to die for, followed closely by those blgian chocolate sea shells mmmm
Yorkie bar, or Rolo's - especially the one's that used to come in 24hr ORP, where you got to eat more tin foil than chocolate. :D
Those bars of Tiffin that came in the compo we ate in the 1970s and early 80s.... chocolate, raisins and biscuit, IIRC. Never matched!

For all you right-thinking (old-fashioned) lovers of proper sweets (can you swing a lantern made of sherbert dabs) you might want to have a look at Whatever you dream of in the sweetie department, they have it, even if you haven't seen it for donkey's decades, and yes, they send it to BFPO addresses.
And yes, I know I'm a techno-biff and that may not work as a link, but if you're fussed I'm sure you can copy it... and no, I'm not advertising for them - just know I was chuffed to little bits to get one of their "tuck boxes" sent out to me in a sandy place, and have been sending them out to chums various ever since. Johnnie Jundi must be wondering where all those sherbert flying saucers come from....
Stay well,
The thinking man's poacher
The best choccy bar has to be the turkish delight covered in milk chocolate.
jhono101 said:
The best choccy bar has to be the turkish delight covered in milk chocolate.
Blargh. !! Turkish delight.....disgusting block of jelly made from boiled down cows lips and flavoured with shredded up rose bushes. blarhgh [vomit]

Now IMHO the best way to eat a penguin (choccy one not the beaky variety :D ) is to bite off diagonally opposite corners and put one of these into a cup of HOT coffee and use the penguin like a straw...sucking up quickly until the coffee gets to your mouth, then chuck the whole penguin in your gob and munch in one go...

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