Search for naked teen in Washington State forest

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ObnoxiousJockGit, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. Erm..... I couldn't help giggling while reading the article..... Does that make me a Bad man?

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  2. Silly trout wants to go on a spiritual quest, sounds like she's off to the afterlife.
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  3. Agreed - whilst I am all in favour of nubile 19 year females traipsing arounbd loking for spiritual release, I fear that some dirty old perv has released his spirits into her.
  4. What did she pack her fanny in?

    Can I get one in Tesco's?
  5. Well, I'd bum her.
  6. It's easy with a bit of practice. Or so I'm told.
  7. On a patrol along the Guatemalan border in the late 80s, we came across an American on a "quest to find himself"

    He was lost, delirious, near death and a pain in the arse. The dick.
  8. So did you casevac him, or bum and rob him and then chuck him into a sink-hole?
  9. "Kelly left about 5 p.m. Sunday wearing only a fanny pack with a compass and a knife".

    I`ve heard of women smuggling mobile phones, weapons and drugs into prisons using this method, but what the fuck would you want a compass for?

  10. To know which way is up, obviously.
  11. Quite tasty. I would have been more than willing to do her if she had stumbled across my lair. I'm afraid though that after all this time has gone by she has probably been turned into a pile of bear shit. Not a very good idea to walk into the woods with nowt but a knife, fanny pack, and a compass. That's Canuks for ya. ;-)

    Missing Teen.JPG
  12. In case she gets lost. It was obviously a shite compass!
  13. hmm

    Look up missing 411 and Davis Paledies (not sure of surname spelling)

    Seems the 'sasq' has her
  14. Drawing circles. Obviously.

    Not sure how helpful that'll be in her present predicament though.
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