Search for an Un-Ally Star.


War Hero
Not sure if I should give that a Like, a Funny or an Excellent. Where did you find that one?
Definitely should be an excellent :) Thank god they never expected me to wear anything like that when I was in.

It popped up on FYB …...…. FYI


Can we get a specific targeted thread for all this excellent parachuting stuff? It's anything BUT non-ally.


Considering the parachute stories that have appeared in this thread, thought would drop this tweet, not sure if it's true, but a great punchline

There's someone VERY UN ALLY floating around St Cadocs hospital.

Royal Signals officer with Para wings up, looks like a sack of shit tied in the middle. His uniform looks like it's been ironed with a cold brick, he looks a ******* shambles. I've seen smarter turned out tramps!

On the other hand, the RLC bloke who was with him looked smart as a carrot.

I'll try and get a picture of the scruffy oik if I can.

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