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I once fired a full auto Mauser Scnellfeuer near the Ritz hotel London, under the pavement .

Work that one out .
A friend of the late Gavin Lyall? That weapon is mentioned in his book Midnight plus One'.....he describes it when firing full auto as like trying to point an angry cat at the target.

OR - the Northern Line on a Friday night ?


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Yup, know precisely what a marble is. Wasn't only the Bataljon who dragged them around, although their instructors did appear to have a love affair with them not seen much elsewhere.
You mean they gave them girls names :) ?
Bit of lippy and a dab of Canal Number 5 and they're probably more feminine than some of those OFS farm girls.

They need blokes who do this for fun to keep the OFS farm girls happy.

Nope, nope, nope, and nope.

13 Dover st. W1 to be more precise.
Pass it by daily, admit to not knowing the basement activity.
There was stuff on Savile Row following on from the WW2 world and agents test firing their weapons ahead of them being suited up and their subsequent bussing to Tempsford

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