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There is only one way, as proved at Kohima and Imphal to breach a bunker

Gunners Rule.

Was he carrying the GPMG or the 84 as well? ;-)
No, because he was a Saudi Officer Cadet who decided to leave it buried at the bottom of a trench on Salisbury Plain.
There was/is a pole method used in certain euro-land units. Not sure it is what you are thinking of, but when they do their method it is a very quick way of getting a man onto an external 1st, or 2nd floor surface, or outside a window.
Is this the method you`re speaking of? Not too sure which unit this is, mind.

Charge super at max depression? That'll be interesting.
I have tried to find a reference to the 5.5's use as bunker busters in Burma, but can't find one.
I read about their use in John Masters' books, "Bugle and a Tiger" and "Road past Mandalay"
Both books are excellent, giving details of the life of an officer in the Indian Army, mostly the Gurkhas, from 1937 to 1946.


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