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You're good to go on one of these, then:-

That’s not a forklift.

This is a forklift (and it’s green so it can be a tank as well).

He specifically said that he had a forklift and a track licence...

An Eager Beaver could go where no tracked veh would dare.


I have Environment Agency rod fishing licences.

Not only can I give her the good news, I'm dashingly handsome and I am able to catch and cook dinner.

Try that on a forklift.

Forklift? With two tongy things at the front?

At least two high-test lines could be attached to those, and catch really big fishies for one's tea.
Amateur. I have a forklift, bobcat, truck and crane licence.

And I'm extremely handsome.
Well, I don't like to brag, but...
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P1290652 (2).JPG
P1290781 (2).JPG
P1290788 (2).JPG

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