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You’ll have @stacker1 on here banging on about having to wear cam cream on exercise next...
To clarify I said why wear it on tech exercises, apparently its so soldiers can have the martial mindset.
Absolutely. You wouldn’t want that to give away a whole column of clanking gun limbers and braying donkeys :)

You’ll have @stacker1 on here banging on about having to wear cam cream on exercise next...

Anyway I thought wristwatches were a rarity pre WWI?
They were, it was the first unpleasantness which saw them come into common usage.

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I think this is Ally,

Leading the men and donkeys through the Kyber Pass carrying a swagger stick while smoking a pipe.

Come on then you Afgahni tribesmen, fcuking bring it on.

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That's quality!! One of my lecturers in college during the early 80s began his military career as a subaltern in the Mountain Gunners. He started on the NW Frontier and then moved to Burma / Malaya. He transferred to the RA on the Partition of India in 1947, and finished his time as an RAEC Instructor Officer in BAOR. A cracking bloke with a vast store of interesting dits.

ETA: he used to smoke the most rank-smelling cigars!!

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Exercise before the invasion

Another one from the same visit:



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The children of Orkney MP Neven-Spence.

Note the Parachute Regiment shoulder flash, the Pegasus and the Airborne badge as well as the wings.



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