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If snipers are ally then this chap is on the list.
Matthaus Hetzenauer. The cause of 345 deaths of enemy soldiers, but only during the last nine mo ths of the war.
Cheerful looking chap, and an Australian train to boot.



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I was racking my brain trying to think of the Australian angle. Rhyming slang?, and then saw your post below.


I thought Gavrilo Princip was the reigning top shot, what with accounting for around 20million fatalities with just two rounds?!

No they weren’t. They were Bata.
I was issued a pair of Bata dessies in the 80s for a Cyprus det. They looked robust enough but I never wore them. They were low ankle cut, like Clarke's. I bought some higher cut dessies from the choggie shop at Ackers and wore them instead. They were excellent.
But according to my Dad, former 1 PARA, Clarks desert boots were the footwear of choice in Aden.

These were what the smart man-about-town was wearing around the ‘Shot in the 70’s.

Edit. Just remembered. Colloquially known as “piss boots”
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CSM J Coy 42 Cdo sunbathing at Shazad when UGLs fired at front gate and he joined the lad in the south Sanger with his little tanned egged shape cock hanging out of his 1980s style neon green silk shorts


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These were what the smart man-about-town was wearing around the ‘Shot in the 70’s.
Aldershot maybe. And given that we got booted out of Aden in '67 most of the genuine Bata boots would have worn out by the 70s.
The genuine Aden Bata was lower, paler, with simple punched lace holes, no metal grommets, laces and stitching the same colour as the suede.

You had to be there.

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