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It’s because being metallic, they track the movement of the Magnetic North Pole. In 1628 years the cap badge will once again be sited as per clothing regs unless of course the long predicted sudden reversal of the earth’s magnetic field polarity occurs in the meantime, in which case everyone will be wearing berets as nappies.
This worries me. I fear a spate of whiplash injuries, or something more serious.
Shhhh, you'll ruin the surprise.


Yes, but they are RLI. After a fire force op.So go in light with ammo, water, ammo, kill the terrs and back to base for beer ( castle not lion) and a braai.

Also must be early as the ouen on the right does not have a leather watch cover on his Seiko.
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Still ally though...

Or ally Alos...

Ally and nails.

Top pic is good showing RLI , most young blond Rhodies.

Lower is RAR , check the RAR all having stitched trousers or even ironed creases in their trousers. Cannot see but bet each had on their webbing . One HE grenade on the left and a smoke on the right . Affs that is not the boss with his fellies.


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