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From the excerpts that I have read, his book promises to be an excellent read, and quite self deprecating in the style of many of those older WW2 books written afterwards, and also brutally honest without glamorising war , but respectful towards his lost comrades
a real gentleman
Albeit needing a hair cut !!


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I am led to Believe that one of these two fine chaps has just written a book about his experiences there, and is trying to debunk the myth that THEY are " A BUNCH OF OCCIDENTAL MILITARY MONKS"

His rather good book which will hopefully appear soon for review

Across An Angry Sea | Hurst Publishers
Would be very interested to hear THEMs' side of OP Paraquat
In the eighties it was considered ally in the Legion to have tightly tailored combats, which was ok for cutting about the camp, but somewhat restrictive in the field - especiallyin the trouser department. No problem for the old sweats who had amassed more uniforms and had looser ones for the field; but newcomers were pressurised to get their regulation issued number combats tailored and then suffered the consequences.

Thankfully it appears that this fad has now passed.
The phase of super skinny dress also crept into the staff at ETAP where the double zippered 'onesie' jump suit took on a sprayed on look.
The UK HALO / HAHO ran the final 3 weeks of the course out of Pau. It didn't take long for the instructors convert from UK aircrew baggies to slick French attire.

The station commander at RAF Brize Norton wondered on one of his visits, why the French military had taken up residence at PTS teaching the advanced courses such was the widespread use of French working dress around the school.
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I think you are right but 'shine' was changed to 'surface' to take in colour? during the late 70s I think?
1981 it was shape, shine, shadow, spacing silhouette and sudden movement
Apologies for thread drift. The beginning of November sees the release of an utter tome of fcukwittery which has raised temperatures in the West Country. Yet another Nemesis File stylee piece. No, I won't dignify it with a name, but be assured there'll be a number on this site who will give it every regard.


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Bloody fantastic photograph, just look at the traditional position of his capbadge.
Maybe it was Digby who started the trend ?
He certainly sounds like a bloke who wanted to make an impression, be a bit different.
I had a CSgt back in the mid '70s who wore his as per the book, over his left eye. And it suited him, Old School ( to us !) and hard as nails.