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I'm not sure if a banner at a Dutch football match counts, but the story behind it certainly seems ally.
Montreal man saved a Dutch town from the Nazis, but most people don't know his name | CBC News

He only had one good eye following a close call with a phosphorous grenade, and he sported an eye patch for the rest of the war, refusing to be taken out of the fight and sent home.

As his son tells it, when officials told him that his part in the war was over, he replied: "'No, it's not over. I'm a sniper. I only need one eye.'"
The story only gets better from there.
And a Kukri?
I thought there had been more questions about the association of kukris with the Calgary Highlanders, but perhaps that got lost when the site went down. I also thought I had posted the following, but it doesn't seem to be here now. However:

The following refers to WWI
Major Percy Guthrie took over the battalion on the afternoon of the 25th of April (when it was split once more from its amalgamation with the 7th Battalion to revert to a seperate entity); he is described as a "tall, handsome...former New Brunswick politician" in the battalion history by Dancocks. Major Guthrie was responsible for the sobriquet "White Gurkhas" which he wanted applied to the battalion, but aside from other nicknames sometimes used in newspaper articles (such as Terrible Tenth), the name that eventually stuck was the simple, and fitting, "Fighting 10th."
And that is likely the source of what appears to have been a minor regimental tradition, if perhaps a peculiar one.

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As a matter of interest where did that shot come from. There's something about it that doesn't quite ring true - maybe the lighting. I may be speaking from my hoop but it looks anachronistic.
That German picture does look bollocks , even before i googled the weapon which is some sort of multi barrelled ground to air rocket launcher , of which only a few were produced and used .

Looks like another weird reenactor

Not sure if thats him on the left .

The image just seems to have appeared on Pinterest with no provenance and be shared many times so its deffo one of these odd folks .