Search for a "Walt" Star!!!

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by WarpSpasm, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. This is my nomination: from a group of AirSoft Walts in California. Note the accuracy of the insignia and its placement :lol: :roll:

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  2. I would love to do some of this airsoft stuff with these kind of 'people'. I would smuggle in a real 7.62 L1A1 SLR with live ammo then take photos of the results of F+M and the realistic aspects of a muzzle velocity of 838 m/s.

    Darwin, please, please, please make sure your theory works.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Lost for words. Who are these people? :?
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  4. Ok OK i will admit i do paintballing , and up to competition level as well, some of the teams i have been part of, went through and won quite a few tournements, i will have to admit though we dont try and take on the badges of other regts /corps etc, just plain dpm is good enough for us, its our criteria, if we see a member of the opposition in badges we do be little them, and make sure they get a bollock shot just to add a bit of meaning to the game, then explain why we done it, it usually works, they loose the badges by the time we play them again, as they know whats going to be instore!!
    We have tended to find the americans are the worse ones for this, as they think they have the gear they have the idea, untill the bollock shot happens, then they just fall apart!
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  5. Nice to see someone finally found a picture of you in all your walt-ness sabs :wink: :lol:
  6. miz if only you knew , you know for a fact you cant call me a walt, as i have never pretended to be some thing i am not, i have played paintball since before i joined the forces, all the way through my time in the forces, and now i still play it after i have left.

    so if you want to call me a walt for doing a hobby for the past 15 years and being part of a team(military or civvy), that were european champions at it, and getting paid as professionals aswell, then so what i dont care.

    But miz it does actually help if you have served to call some one a walt, rather than a groupie!
  7. It's when the SS numpties turn up in uniform, my F in Law (1 Field RA, 8th army '42-'45) just looked at them without saying anything, shook his head and walked away....
  8. Actually many don't. Quite the reverse in fact.
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  9. There's a yanks Weekend in uppermill, Jeeps, People dressed up as yanks, ect ect. Good piss up, some of the old guys both ours and the septics turn up to swap stories, quaff beer, Then you see the tw@ts dressed as the waffen SS, or Hitler youth. Why? Fcuking bell-ends
  10. Hearty congrats Sabs on being European Walt Champions...erm..have I missed the point here? Well, well done anyway!

    As for re-enactors, the Khaki Pals are pretty good actually. There has however to be something just a tad wierd about dressing up as Sturmbannfuhrer Eichman and driving your mobile shower unit from county show to county show...
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  11. Last time I was in Arnhem, the re-enactment group, all Dutch, were graceful, dignified and a bloody good bunch of lads...however a couple of years later I nearly had to kick teeth in at a US Walt-a-be convention where the boys re-enacting thought they were worthy of the same esteem as the guys they made a pastiche of. A few whiskies later and I was disarmed but I still recall the eighteen stone, five foot troll in the Dennison smock..who is mine, okay?? He was a cnut..not even ex-US Army the tosser but awful brave with the verbals. He needed some contact counselling..
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  12. AGC Clerks.
  13. When I was still in a big bunch of my civvy pals went paintballing.

    A pal of mine Andy was a pathfinder in the Paras and it was deemed that he would come out as the ultiamte paintballing champion.

    The final game was a free for all so he and I as a prearranged done deal agreed that we would slot all the civvies then it would be between him and I.

    The game started and he was my battle partner, the first civvy fell pray to our superior fieldcraft skills.... It dawned on me that I would lose eventually and this began to p1ss me off.

    I got Andies attention and he turned to look at me.... With a genuine feeling of sorrow and guilt I shot him square in the face........ he was out of the game and genuinely gutted. He was mortified that he had been double crossed and his eyes painted a real picture.

    I went on to win the game and lift the prize.... In the bar all night he never said a word... but didn't shirk his rounds or fill me in.

    He did tell me the following day that I was a dirty cheating * and that I had been drinking his p1ss all evening :D
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  14. I was on exercise with my unit last November in pippingford park when we chanced upon a bunch of these walt re-enactors dressed up as SS and US army types, as we were enemy-less for the weekend, we asked them if they wanted to be our enemy for our ambushes and recce patrols. They immediately agreed and got very excited.

    Anyway later whilst leading a recce patrol my section got bumped, so trapped and unable to fall back, being surrounded, we charged these hun weasels (or walt hun weasels) in good old otc/rambo fashion. Their reaction was outstanding they rolled around playing dead in an especially dramatic fashion with cries of 'teuffel!', 'gott in himmel' screaming 'raus, raus!' as they did a runner. We actually stopped and stood there for some time staring at them in utter bewilderment as they withdrew with shouts of 've'll get u next time tommy!' i couldn't beleive the waltiness of these people.

    Later still (about 0100) we ambushed them with more cries of 'himmel' and 'oh i'm dying my poor kinder!' And in the morning when we were tabbing back to the buses they lept out of the bushes trying to ambush us with even more fanciful cries of 'for you tommy ze war is over' throughly unimpressed we just marched on ignoring them.

    I have never seen such a display of waltiness in my entire life, where do these people come from?