Search for a hotlips (brown enamel type)

A catastrophe has occurred! Two of my nieces were using my old brown enamel hotlips to make sandcastles and then they decided to see how flat they could hammer it with an old breeze-block.

I've had a butcher's around on t'internet, but can't find one anywhere. I'm missing it already. My rosy just doesn't taste right from a China cup.
Anybody got any ideas?

Bugsy7 said:
PS Choccy_frog. Beating my nieces? The year is 2006, not 1906. Get used to it! :D :D :D
If they need disciplined then please allow me to volunteer myself.

I have a large collection of whips/bondage/gimpgear and will sort them free of charge.

Do I have to bring my own lubrication?
Army Issue Brown 'Tin' Mugs

# Brown enamel mug
# Old fashioned 'Tin' mug
# Good size
# 10cm tall 9.5cm diameter
# Collectors item
# May have some chips

You must be so pleased. You get your mug back AND a bag of chips...

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