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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by _Dirk_Diggler_, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. I've just been 'volunteered' to do the search course. Any opinions on the course? What are the DS like? Should I feel as 'dicked' as I am? How will it affect my tour? Any experiences/opinions will be much appreciated.
  2. Did you use that button in between the 'Finance' and 'Help and info' ..............................?
  3. You will be busy on tour.
  4. Obviously not, I haven't done the course yet...
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    My experience now dated, but it used to be a sign that you were considered to be one of the more swiched-on individuals in your unit.
    One of the few (early career) courses to demand that you think, analyse and evaluate, rather than just absorb and regurgitate what was instructed.
    In my opinion it has a wider value, outside search duties, in what it does for your thought processes.
    Busy tour guaranteed, but definitely rewarding.

    An alternative possibility is that you're considered a pimple on your unit's sitting equipment, and they'll throw you into any high risk activity they can find until they regain their unblemished complexion.
    (Joking, of course, but be careful if anyone in your chain of command is named "Dastardly" :twisted: )
  6. A mate of mine was on Herrick with 3 cdo bde just recently (not sure what number, 9 I think) and was part of the search troop. Not sure which part but I know he had a really busy tour hopping round all the FOB's.

    Still, said it made the tour go quicker.
  7. Can't speak for current ops ..... but as an ex High risk / Low risk search instructor ....

    I enjoyed all my tours ... keeps you busy and focuses the mind

    And the SMI, unless he has moved recently, has a big nose ;) and shags dog handlers :D
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I did mine in Sennelager in early 83, a great way to get grey hair aged 17! My 18th birthday was a week or so before deployment and although it kept me busy it did mean I was inside houses instead of on cordons!
    Still the team was selected due to the Cpl being switched on rather than us in my opinion.
  9. :clap:

    very good!
  10. I don't think we should take the 'fun' out of it by letting you know what's going to happen... (not sure if that is 'fun' for us as now mere outsiders looking in or 'fun' for you on the course :? )...

    When the Q's Mc Fun & Low Song ran it ..... it was 'interesting' the first time I have ever met anyone who could be a Cordon Commander one minute and a 10 year old kid smashing you in the grid with Potatoes the size and density of coconuts the next! 8O

    Never had so much 'fun' in my time in the Corps, they saw that we enjoyed it so much they sent us again when we were deemed 'Out of Date'

  11. Did mine at Chatham! its a good course very enjoyable

    its also a pretty interesting job when you get tasked on tour!

    have fun and good luck!