Sean Mercers Dad Arrested

SEAN Mercer’s dad was arrested after the family home of a man jailed alongside his son was petrol bombed.

Joseph McCormick, 56, was pulled in by police after the arson attack at the home of Gary Kays at the weekend.

Kays, 26, was one of six defendants to be convicted of helping McCormick’s gang member son try to evade justice for murdering 11-year-old Rhys Jones in August 2007.


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£50.00!!! Fcuking no chance.
The City of Culture eh? Eh? Eh? Calm Down, Calm Down!
Taffnp said:
Mam on the game
The little scrote who lived there probably didn't tip the good lady after one their 'sessions' at the charming Elegant Ladies (sic) parlour.

PS. I would do her (Not for £50) if she was someone else's mum.


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£50? I would give her a cut rate, maybe half price. If she asked nicely.
I would do her for £100 then send the pics to her son in prison to cheer him up

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