Sean Mercer gets cnut kicked in...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tommo5050, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. What a shame, bet he's crying into his pillow right now as I post this.....

    Sean Mercer, 18, was assaulted at HMP Moorland in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, but the incident was stopped by the "timely intervention" of staff, a spokeswoman added.

    The gang member was taken to hospital after the attack in the communal area of the prison, according to reports. The attack is thought to have left Mercer with a broken nose and facial injuries.

    A Prison Service spokeswoman said: "We can confirm an incident took place at HMP Moorland at 2.30pm on Saturday, December 27, in which two prisoners assaulted each other.

    "The incident lasted less than two minutes and was quickly resolved by the timely intervention of staff."

    The spokeswoman would not release any further details.

    Last month Mercer, of Good Shepherd Close, Croxteth, Liverpool, was jailed for life and was told he would serve a minimum of 22 years behind bars.

    Mercer, a Croxteth Crew member, blasted three shots across the car park of the Fir Tree pub in Croxteth on August 22 last year.

    His targets were rival Strand Gang members who had arrived on his turf - but one of the shots hit innocent Rhys, who was walking home from football training.

    The 11-year-old schoolboy died in his mother Melanie's arms.

    I did look for this on the site so if I missed it and it is elsewhere, I apologise.
  2. Old News. Was posted yesterday.
  3. I have no problem reading it a second time however.
  4. True. Hopefully the next 22 years will be a busy time for Mercer and prison staff will be rushed off heir feet!
  5. Young Mr.Mercer has a choice now; a)Save his face, and take it up the arrse or b) Save his arrse and get it in the face.
  6. No need to rush too much.

    Apparently they took 2 minutes this time, just enough time to finish their cuppa, put down the sudoku, turn off the telly (don't want to waste electricity now), stretch in OSH approved manner before conducting physical exercise, and saunter over to where Mercer was becoming a prison-wife.
  7. Shame he wasn't raped.
  8. I hope the prison staff are morbidly obese and can't get to him for five minute so the lags can give him a right shoeing.
  9. So at a rate of once a month he should get filled in 264 times.
    He should have read my avatar first.
  10. I bet he's thinking that too

    If i was sent to prison, I'd want my sentence to pass quickly by taking as much c0ck on board as I could.

    I'm gonna go shoot me a moon head
  11. Mercer the hard man eh, I hope a truely horrible time is had in nick and survives his 22 yrs Just, and the gets hit by a bus on the way out..cnut of the highest order
  12. Get over yourselves, FFS! Who amougst us hasn't taken out an innocent, in a botched turf war? Besides, aren't you forgetting that he removed a Scouser from the gene pool, too?
  13. Very bad taste.
  14. Not if cooked properly.
  15. Sad- now the little soldier has some wounds to show his chavvy girlfriend