Sean Langan released by the taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hetfield, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Jesus never even knew.
  2. He went off to find the taliban, he found them. Take your medicine dumbass.
  3. Who is he ? At least we never had to mount a rescue due to his stupidity.
  4. He is the original Ross Kemp. He was filming in Afghanistan before it became cool to do so. See Fighting the Taleban during H4.

    He has filmed in Afghanistan for many years now.
  5. Glad to hear he got out safe and sound. He's one of the few journos who manage to portray the situation as it is without pandering to either side. A difficult job which he does well, IMO.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Channel 4 paid hundreds of thousands of pounds in ransom money to get him released. Good old Channel 4 news have now set a really good precedent for any other hapless soul who isn't backed up by an army.

    Watch the rates of kidnapping go through the roof now.

    The bloke is a c0ck, he should still be in their clink and the gobment should fine Channel 4 News the same amount again for being complete spakkers and putting everyone else out there at risk by a: sending this twerp out there, and b: paying to get him back.

    Just my humble opinion of course.

    Edited to add: Maybe he IS the original Ross Kemp and all that, but just as it goes for the Ex-Them guy who got caught trying to overthrow a gobment (you know how much grief we gave HIM), so it goes for this reporter - you makes your choice and you takes your chances.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I agree with Biped on this, perhaps the commissioning editor should have been exchanged for him instead. Problem is without the likes of this journo we have to rely on the approved news from TASS.
  8. Biped you got any links to this mate, or are you assuming this?
  9. It is extremely ulikely that he was held by the taliban. if he had been he would be modeling this seasons line in orange coveralls. It is likely he was kidnapped specifically for the ransom. This as already pointed out is a very dangerous precedent to set.
  10. Glad you're safe Sean , fancy doing an Arrse blog on the experience? ;)

    A lot is said being about 'precedent'. It is not the first time a journalist has been kidnapped, nor I fear the last. It is the first time I am aware of a high profile British Journalist being taken. I can only assume there was a total media blackout on this , to prevent copycat kidnappings.

    Journalists are taken more often than imagined, and there have been enough NGO's kidnapped in that part of the world, where kidnapping and extortion are a way of life.

    I doubt C4 paid "Hundreds of Thousands" and I doubt it was the Taleban that took him.
  11. I know we live in a different world of mass communication these days but I still think that the only journos allowed in combat zones should be in uniform a la WWII/Korea. That way anyone else getting taken/killed/injured should be treated as a SIW .... Tango Sierra.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Haven't got a link to hand, but it was either in one of the broadsheets and/or on the news. It wasn't in the scum!

    There ya go - £150,000 paid for his release - I first heard it was £400,000 . . .


    Oh, and the Grauniad:

  13. Surely that is financing a terrorist organisation on the gubmints banned list then?

    Jail i think for someone at channel 4!