Sean Connery - THE HILL

Anyone know if "The Hill" is available on DVD?


Thanks chaps.

The ebay one looks a bit dubious, but I'll try it anyway.
Anyone in Bahrain 66'ish will remember the MPSC GSM. Exact same sort of bloke as depicted in The Hill as RSM MCTC. Caused a laugh when the film was shown in the Mess.
fine military film...
The Hill: a damn good film and possibly the best performance Sean Connery has ever given.

Best British Film (win) - Sidney Lumet - 1965 British Academy Awards
Best Screenplay (win) - Ray Rigby - 1965 Cannes Film Festival
Best Supporting Actor (win) - Harry Andrews - 1965 National Board of Review

Seems it is not on DVD! Not even from the BFI, which might explain why iffy copies are knocking about.

Only VHS and expensive to boot!
Yellow_Devil said:
Connery was a tankie but can anyone identify the regts for the other characters?

Tougher call than "The Wild Geese"!
Well, Jack Watson was in both (and also in Coronation Street...).

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