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Sean Beans Final Solution for chavs.

Cambrai-Kid said:

Interesting looking film coming out next week.

Basic plot seems to be that Sharpe has transferred to the Parachute Regiment, just back from TELIC and more than a little fucked off at the number of chavs stalking the streets.

Serves him right for going home to sheffield...ma lady...
That just looked like a typical squaddies first weekend back.

Beat some chavs, drink beer, skull some more chavs get a kebab and if your lucky get a free shack in the cells. Free food in the morning...I'm sure they spit in the microwave all day breakfast but it all tastes the same anyway.
boelynbulldog said:
Fiction it may be at present but how long before something like it happens, may be what is needed to sort the Chavscum out
The same sort of idea came out in the 70s with a book by Ted Willis called 'The Churchill Commando', with ex-forces sorting out 'yoof'. So, back then many agreed with you.
Ok, lets just have a rather hypothetical scene for a moment.

Some very hacked off ex-forces who return to the old stomping ground to find that it is now Chav central.

Friendlies in the civpol who are hamstrung by red tape and do gooders trying to hug a hoodie theory.

I think that a company of ex regs might have most of the problems in north London sewn up in double quick time.

Result......happy families, lower crimes of violence and vandalism, respectful society and most of all more prison places for the scum that deserve them.

My world is now perfect and totally calm :thumright:

Fastmedic, I agree with you mate, but how about making it into an Inter Services competition ? Infantry, Marines and RAF Regt each send a company in and the unit with the most "scalps" win. Set up spectating areas with beer and scoff for the crowd and game on :applaud:
geo7863 said:
s*** I am half way through writing a book with exactly the same theme... bollox.... 6 fecking months I've been working on it!!
Maybe you should change the story a bit, set it in Glasburgh with jockinese subtitles; also you could try try asking for ideas from the nice military people who inhabit the ARRSE site, I hear they love journo's and wannabe writers :winkrazz:

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