seaman trade

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jimratties, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have served 4 years, then have had a four year break but am about to re-enlist. I kinda like the sound of seaman trade. . .

    Can anyone tell me if it's a decent trade or utter shite? Any info on what it's all about would be great.

  2. Anyone? :roll: Or do I take it that there are not very many seamen on here??? :?:
  3. No my seamen are normally found over my left hand
  4. Its a very small trade so I'm not surprised by the lack of response. Being a small trade has institutional implications (think dead man's shoes).

    Seamen become Navigators once qualified to Class 1 (I think).

    You get to wear blue JHWs, shirts and trousers and the Army ensign on your arm (Seamen are known as 'bluejobs' for that reason).

    They spend much of their career manning the RCLs (Ramped Craft Lighter), Workboats and Mexiflotes which are based out of Marchwood and some other locations (Akrotiri springs to mind). RCLs are commanded by SSGts (I think).

    The RFAs new 4 x LSD(A)s take workboats and Mexiflotes. So, whenever they go to sea, chances are that a slack handfull of RLC Seamen go with.

    Speak to your recruitment office or arrange a visit to Marchwood. PM me if you're getting nowhere.
  5. ^^ Many thanks - popping into rec office tomorrow to get the ball rolling