Sealskinz gloves

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mcclurg, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Just ordered a pair of these gucci looking sealskinz gloves (I'm a kit tart, sorry). The reviews on RVops were a bit on the bad side however. Anybody any experience of them?

    One review said that he kept getting defective gloves, but they worked when he got decent ones.

    Other reviews seem to all be quite conflicting..
  2. They can, if stretched, retain water rather than repel it. What glove size are you?
  3. I've loved mine so far. Still able to do fiddly bits in them, kind of warm and have certainly been waterproof for me.
  4. What ones have you got? I'm looking at getting some of the sealskinz "technical" gloves.
  5. They will keep your hands very dry, however in winter they will become very cold when wet. I'd suggest getting a pair of glove liners to go with them, it tends to do the trick. They are waterproof, but not quite in the issue gaytex type of way - they absorb water, strange way of doing it but they work I guess.
  6. I found mine were good at keeping my hands warm, but not good at warming them up if cold to start with.
  7. I found them far far far too long and narrow for my hands. I bought the biggest size of them I could find as I really needed some decent gloves.
    Great for keeping water out, but utter shoite for keep hands warm!
  8. great pieces of kit...

    I agree with the liner comment as they can become cold when wet and wind blowing really bad.

    Besides they hide the DNA and you can still do stuff..
  9. Can't go wrong with BARBER neoprene gloves. When wet, they are warm, also the finger access is good.
  10. Sealskinz gloves are good when they are used with respect but will not stand up to massive abuse.

    They are 100% waterproof and breathable, if they not waterproof you have punctured the waterproofing layer.

    The glove is made from a stretch outer layer, a waterproof membrane (like Gore) and a liner. The liners can be merino wool if you want warmth and coolmax if you want to stop sweat building up.

    Currently these are on issue to most Phase 1 ATRD recruits and have been reducing the instances of non-freezing injuries. The issue ones have the merino wool liner.

    They are some advanced lightweight materials being trialed that are extremely tough while delivering excellent tactility...can't say ant more as they have sworn me to secrecy.

    PECOC has tested them.

    They will replace the issue green contact glove at many training establishments (Why? because they have the cash!)

    The same technology is in the issued waterproof socks.

    Fit is all important if you want to retain tactility
  11. Ditto, mine are great for 'what it says on the tin' but when my hands were cold and I put them on, it wasn't the lush warmth I was expecting! 8O
  12. Bought a pair used them once shite wore them walking in the lakes got totally pish wet through the gloves soaked up water that much you could use them as a sponge hands were damp for the rest of the day kept having to wring them out and done nothing for keeping the heat in
  13. msr

    msr LE

    You mean they don't issue the green woollen ones any more?

  14. bloody hell, never thought i'd live to see the day!
  15. The issue leather ones are great for keeping your hands warm, but not that great for working in.

    Neoprene are OK as they saty warm whent wet, but taking them off and then putting damp gloves back on is horrid. I never tried sealskinz as I heard some dodgy reports.

    Get yourself some Oakly Tactical's they are a bit walty but keep hands warm and are good contact gloves.