Sealskinz Gloves


Just bought a pair of these - fantastic. Bit pricey at £25, but windproof, waterproof and breathable. Your hands don't get warm or cold - they just stay the same temp all the time.


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I wore them in the Brecon Beacons in a torrential downpour as I was tabbing across the mountains and they were soaked through by the end of the day. It was a non-tac weekend in civvi kit, so I had full waterproof kit on, with wrist seals done up and all.

Not impressed.

No offense meant to you, I may have simply had a faulty pair.
Wore these in the field this weekend and they are bizarre. They dont keep your hands warm - they keep them at a constant temperature. It is ok but a wierd feeling. Other than that they were great and very gripping on the old bullet chucker.
I must admit that they do look good. Is it easy to change mags? It's a right pain with the issued ones.
Very grippy - no prob with mag changes. Did Plt attack with them on, helped protect my hand as I vaulted a barbed wire fence !!
Ive got some and not all that impressed. Depends what you want them for, in my case it was for stopping my hands freezing over. Bit of a failure there. As for changing mags, its do-able, assuming you have enougth warmth in your fingers to move them still. I don't think there is enougth dexterity to use them in combat though, bombing up etc is a nightmare with them on.
I had a pair, and they might be waterproof on the inside but after a downpour everything I touched was soaked.


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I think I may have a dodgy pair... wore them for sorting out the garden, fell to bits with little snags on branches and such tearing it apart. Not really impressed.

Also, the socks they produce - anyone else found that even in an un-lined boot they fill up with sweat? Or is that just me.... :?
No dramas with mine.

They keep my hands comfortable and dry and don't interfere with dexterity that much.

I don't think they were designed with gardening in mind though BBear.

You can always get a set of leather gloves over them, then you are toasty.


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I was thinking along the lines of if they cant withstand a bit of gardening, how are they supposed to withstand the rufty tufty of army stuff...!

But point taken :) Like I say, maybe I had a duff pair.
Had mine for 5 ish years now and only worn them twice as they are crap, OK for damp conditions but try Catterick or Sennybridge in summer and you will soon find their weakness.

wore them on exercise recently for the first time, found that they were good with the water repellantness but were slightly to cold ( temp was down about -5 , -14 if windchill was being factored) i will wear them again but in future will have a thin pair of wooly gloves inside them to add extra insulation. As for dexterity i found that i had no real dramas handling a gat but when it came time to firing a mini flare which some one else cocked up ( didn't have it screwed all the way down) i struggled, used my teeth and now they hurt
have just read that back , before anyone thinks i stuck a loaded mini flare in my mouth, i didnt. I was struggling to get my own launcher thingy out of the green plastic thingy to give to the pltn cmmdr to signal searchers to move in after doing an ambush type .... thingy.
They come in handy when pike

I use the Nomex gloves there the best iv used, but they are not water proof...only fire proof... :wink:
I use the socks all the time mountain biking and I get very cold feet with them, dry as a bone, just very cold, always struck me as a bit odd that, so I didnt want to try the gloves just incase it was going to be the same, might not bother now and just stick with my old faitfull green CBT 95's and thermal civvy liners, good combo, not the driest in the world but seem to keep me warm even when wet..........

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