Sealed knot/english civil war re-enactment clothing & items for sale.

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by DB216LOKDVR, May 3, 2011.

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  1. Advertising on behalf of a Widow of a late member of the RAOC.

    English Civil War period clothing and equipment;


    Replica pistol - offers

    Replica sword -offers

    Sword belt - offers

    Leather Jerkin - £50

    2 x Yellow Tunics (with moth damage) 47" and 49" chest - £20 each

    2 x White shirts (stains) 44" chest - £15 each

    Breechers 40" waist - £20

    Cavilier Dress Uniform 42" chest, 36" waist - £90


    1 x Overdress and skirt in pink (adjustable waist 28" to 32", & 36" plus bust) - £60

    1 x Overdress grey (adjustable 36" plus bust) - £30 (picture failed to load, similar style to pink dress).

    Skirt and jacket set (adjustable waist 30" to 32", & 36" bust) - £60 (picture failed to load, similar style to pink dress).

    In addition to the Civil War clothing and equipment there is also a early 1900's (?) Policeman Cape for sale - offers

    All items are located in Milton Keynes and it is recommended that they are viewed prior to purchase.

    Please PM me and I will make the arrangements.
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  2. A very good afternoon, I am interested in most of the gents civil war items. But as I am on the budget I would like to start with the leather jerkin. Do you have any photos? Also, do you have any photos of the swords and pistols as I will certainly be needing these.

    Many thanks for your consideration.

  3. Think most Arrsers had that lot on their original 1157....
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  4. 40" waist !
  5. I wish to make it clear the above posting dating back to 2011 that the items originally belonged to a RAOC Staff Clerk based at JHQ.

    Need I say any more!!!!
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  6. I will make enquires to see if these items are still available and advise. Note the original advert was posted in 2011.
  7. They'll be tight but should go on if you breathe in.
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  8. Guess "he" will have a 56" waist now.
  9. Doubt it, see original post.
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  10. He`ll definitely have lost weight then.
  11. How much for the skirt, and 36" bust jacket ?

    Asking for a friend.
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  12. You are dimmer than a broken light bulb.
  13. Sorry it's been sold to cough 'A FRIEND' cough!!!!
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  14. I told you, I'm not doing that again.
  15. Ooh thats a bit ruff.