seagulling explain please

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thegimp, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. Jut watching that Russel brand gimp on MTV

    He brought up the act of seagulling but failed to explain what it entailed

    Have I missed a new deviancy

    Brief me up
  2. I am soooooo going to regret this but ....

    as a subscriber to "popb!tch" i have the joy of unprintable gossip dropped into my inbox at work every week and few months ago the incidents of seagulling was explained to one and all

    Plainly put, seagulling involves a youngester tossing off into his hand until he splurts into and has a nice load of warm jism. At this point he will run up behind someone and shout "SEAGULL!" before whacking the unfortunate individual round the ear with his man paste encrusted hand.

    There was no further explaination as to what happens next although i would guess an extreme beating would be handed out by the "seagullee" to the "seaguller".

    I really hope this doesn't catch on in basic training areas ... I really wich i had kept my mouth shut .... oh well "SEAGULL!" Blatt!
  3. I always thought that was a spiders web - after the web that Spiderman threw from his wrists.
  4. I thought that was called doing a spiderman.

    - potsyots , you beat me to it. :evil:
  5. b@gger! beaten to it, well logical thought preogression - anyone have any humourous seagulling stories of how they were seagulled or seagulled someone else?
  6. And you lot say matelots are deviants???

    I too subscribe to popbitch and also holymoly. They can be very snaggy!
  7. Huh in fact come to think of it ive heard that referred to as a 'custard pie' which i found amusing.
  8. having read the various definitions. I gonna go with the spunk chucking from a height on to an unaware victim/target

    Although shitting on a dogging couples windcreen tinkles my fancy
  9. Doesnt it come from the term 'seagull management'

    Arrive out of nowhere, flap about a lot, make lots of noise, shit on everyone and then disappear again?

    The upwardly mobile shithead graduate/fast streamer type often found in any large organisation.
  10. Also known as doing a "Miggs" after the psycho character in the same secure unit as Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs.

    My favourite film conversation of all times:

    Lector: "And what did Miggs say next Clarice?"

    Agent Starling: "He said I can smell your cnut"

    Lector: "Sniff, I myself cannot"

    Classic, brings me to my vinegars every time.
  11. My understanding of it had been whacking one out and leaving your produce over the bird you're sat next to, without her realising. The result obviously looking like some seagull has loosened its bowels over said bird.

    However I prefer the 3rd definition - adding in the height aspect :D
  12. Every junior officer in the army then?!