SEAE Phase 2 Info?

Discussion in 'REME' started by AterDecor, May 19, 2013.

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  1. Hi, I'm a soon-to-be Army wife. My husband is in phase 1 training atm and has been told he will be doing his phase 2 at Arborfield. I can't find much information online about their training ect. and I am a little impatient to wait for him to find out. Any help?

  2. See the sticky at the top of this forum

    Avionics Life.
  3. Why? Are you going to be doing it for him?
  4. She'll fit right in. Not even on a patch and already demanding....
  5. Crappy local pub (Brams still there?), Crappy local shop, Crappy houses & Crappy infrastructure.

    The above sentence can be used to describe any barracks you are likely to inhabit in the next twenty-odd years. The plus side of Arborfield is that it's a steady away routine and it isn't geographically terrible for anyone (except jocks - but they'll be independent soon).
  6. The Brams was fantastic. As a block orphan I'd often waste my leave periods sat in there for a week or two, and very nicely they treated me too.
    As training establishments go, SEAE is very, very good, or it was a few years ago.
  7. @Rizzle, sorry kinda new to this, don't know what you mean?
    @Albert, no I just like to know what he's doing when I can. I've be told he'll be there for at least a year and I can hopefully move there with him. Am just curious as to what it's like there as I am still VERY new to this whole thing.
    @sparky, I can only presume that's sarcastic and I wasn't demanding anything.
    @Alf, thanks. I gathered I wouldn't be living a 5* life.
  8. I'm at Arborfield now. You can get married to him when he get's here. One of my main pals here did, and he lives in the married quarters across the road. Arborfield's alright once you've been here over a year.
  9. I am already married to him, sorry might not of made that seem clear lol No one seems to be giving it much praise, is it really that bad?
  10. Arborfield is a great place. Quality phase 2 establishment set in a beautiful part of Royal Berkshire. Only prob is the REME are moving from there soon so it's not getting lots of investment. Also squaddies like to whine, especially when they don't appreciate what they!ve got. You'll come to learn this.

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  11. Yeh its really nice part of the country, part of the camp is disused but its absolutely fine. For the first year he will be in A (foundation) Company which is a bit rubbish (more strict, more parades and inspections etc). When you complete your foundation courses (about a year long) then you move to B or C company (depending if you're Aviation/Aircraft [C] or Land System tech ). Its more relaxed there im really enjoying it!
  12. Is there a set time line he will be there? He's been told two things now. Originally his corporal said he'd be there minimum a year, but his Sargent said he'll only be there 6 weeks?
  13. If he's going to Arborfield as a phase two student, for a trade as an Avionics, Aircraft or Combat (Land) Systems Technician, then he will certainly be here for around two years...

    3 Months - Common Foundation (Basic Maths, Science, Drawing, Workshop)
    3 Months - Technical Foundation (Advanced Maths and Science)

    At the end of this initial 6 months, he will do a group presentation in front of the A Company staff, on something to do with the REME in past conflicts. Once successful, he will remove his red tab and will no longer be required to march around camp during working hours.

    From this point, it splits into two paths; Electronics (Av and Combat Sys) and Aircraft Tech.


    6 months of Basic Electronics (electronics lessons, and workshops [cable repair, soldering, circuit boards etc.).

    At the end of this course, electronics students will leave A (foundation) Company to go to B (land) or C (aviation) company (depending upon their given trade)... (In my case, I wanted to go Avionics, but due to the lack of places for the Av course at the time, only the top three students in my class were chosen. I ended up doing Land Systems).

    Avionics students will complete a 6 month Avionics course, then do their PNCO (promotion course).

    Combat (Land Systems) students will complete a 7 week CEA course (telecommunications, radar principles, optronics and control systems) followed by a few weeks of hands-on equipment workshops, before being loaded onto their PNCO (promotion course). After being promoted, we get loaded onto our Equipment courses, based on the postings and the equipment we have chosen/been assigned. The longest equipment course I know of is the Challenger II tank course, which lasts 4 months.


    7 week long Technical Education course (Principles of Flight, Angular motion and Materials[I presume])

    Aircraft students will leave A (foundation) Company after this short course, and go to C (Aviation) company. Once they get to C company, they were undergo a course which lasts approx. 12 months (maybe slightly longer), then do their PNCO (promotion course).

    Phew! As you can see, all three trades mean you are here for a particular period of time, but easily for two years.

    Additionally, people don't always finish one course and get loaded straight onto the next. When and if this happens, a student will be placed on SNUT (Soldier Not Under Training) and will do odd jobs around camp and other places off camp (day-to-day). If you're lucky you can also do courses and exercises whilst waiting for your next course to start.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask!
  14. Drawing? Presentations to company staff and red tabs? Seems a long way from holding -> BE -> CET but things change I guess. I wonder how many here remember "Hadjimechanics"? ;-)
  15. @chappy, thank you so much! Ha! That is the most information I have been given/found, and yet I barely understood a word! LOL, I know he's going for technical support, so I presume that would be under combat systems technician? So basically he will be there between a year and a year & a half? Do you know why his Sargent thought he would be there only 6 weeks? What's a red tab? Sorry I bet you think it's so dim asking all these questions! Just so far the army have actually been pretty poor at communications to all the families in his squadron. So barely know anything that's going on unless my husband tells me straight, and even then as proven it isn't always right.