Sea sickness remedies?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Treegeek, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. Am off for a spot of Black Bream fishing next week and lovede every minute of it last time except the impressive bit of projectile vom that I produced after about 3 hours of gentle swell!

    In an attempt to be able to spend a bit more time fishing, instead of hanging over the side hoping for a Great White to come along and put me out of my misery - I'm open to (sensible :D ) ideas that will help me to get through the 6 hours session with my insides intact..

    I tried looking at the horizon last time, but as we were only about 1/2 mile out it meant looking at the Purbeck cliffs - and I'm not sure it helped that they stayed still while we bobbed around...

    I'm sticking with it anyway - I just would rather be a normal colour while I'm fishing!! :)
  2. Spike Milligan recommended sitting under a tree.
  3. Ginger - works really well. Try ginger biscuits, ginger cake or one of the ginger herbal teas before and during the trip
  4. Ginger sounds the easiest option - can't see the skipper being too chuffed if I turn up with a tree! Cheers
  5. Masturbate may not work, but will take your mind off it
  6. Do not sit down in the boat when you are going out. I always stand at the rear and use my legs to compensate for the roll and pitch of the boat.

    When you fish keep you eyes on the line and use your legs as above. If you remain still you've had it.
  7. I used to go out on the Compass Rose from Brighton Marina and this was a 12 mile hike to the wrecks.

    Nowadays I go out from Ryde Marina to fish for mackerel between the forts.
  8. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Errr dont go to Sea, problem solved. My first big sea journey was down South on a Car ferry, Wendy offered to soothe anyone with sea sickness,s brow, is that where the ginger comes in ? I was chuffed I never got sick .
  9. Like he said.

    Ride the motion of the boat and if possible stay outside for at least the first 30-60 mins till you get your sealegs.
    Not sure if these bands with the button work, apparantly works on a pressure point on the wrist
  10. I'll second sitting under a tree. Guaranteed to work.
  11. Yup - they work! Bought some for a friend who gets seasick drinking a glass of water and they helped big time!
  12. Red wine - about a gallon usually does the trick.
  13. Try two different types of travel tablets. Kwells and Stugeron(sp?), one works on your brain and stops the dizzyness and the other works on your stomach. Check with the pharmacist you can take both of these together (I do and it works but not sure if you are supposed to).
  14. Wife swears by Stugeron, although side effects can be extreme