Sea King 6mph

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by mistersoft, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. Nice to see the navy aren't as serviceable as they'd like to be. In FI they used to hover over the pan at Murray Heights as they'd brought so many Scouts back with ecu failures.

    Poor officers had to give out singles on fishing trips as a return was never guaranteed. Poor Algernon and Arbuthnot had to make alternative arrangements.

    Wished I'd been on the A77 on Saturday night, help with your puncture, yeh blow on it.
  2. This is the story from the BBC

    Navy helicopter takes to the road
    Drivers encountered an unusual late night sight in Ayrshire as a helicopter was towed at 6mph along the A77.
    The Royal Navy search and rescue Sea King broke down at Ayr College on Thursday, where it had been due to take part in a demonstration for students.

    A first attempt to tow the aircraft back to HMS Gannet at Prestwick failed when it got a puncture.

    It finally reached its base early on Saturday morning after a four-hour journey which began at midnight.

    The helicopter was towed by an aircraft tractor from the base with police and engineering personnel on hand throughout the unique journey.

    The Royal Navy said the base's operational capability was not affected.

    A spokeswoman for HMS Gannet told the BBC Scotland news website: "There are three helicopters on rotation for search and rescue and for training."

    She said engineers had begun work on getting the helicopter back into service
  3. is this it?

  4. That must have been embarrassing.
  5. Used to seeing Sea Kings from underneath or with a Scout hanging off them, so that's what they look like . I bet the bastrads parked in a disabled space as well. Did hear somebody lost a Gazelle on the Denham roundabout in the middle of rush hour, or is that just a myth?
  6. Denham roundabout? Unless there is more than one Denham in the UK I suspect an urban myth. The one I am thinking about just to the west of London has got the M40 passing over the top of it. Mother-in-law lived right next to the roundabout for many years, like about 40, but never mentioned such a thing happening. If you are ever down that way, look in the churchyard of the church in Denham village. You'll find the rather impressive grave of Sir James Martin, as in Martin-Baker ejector seats, John Mills the actor, and while you are there, say hello to the mother-in-law for me.

    Really good beer in The Falcon - while I thought I ought to add something really serious and important to this post.
  7. Yes that's the roundabout, got stuck there dozens of times, Watford to Slough, before the M25 was built. Oh well, just shows it's not just the written word you can't believe or doesn't somebody want to own up. The film studios that Korda built were still there, now probably a trading estate. Grew up in Watford use to drink in Beaconsfield, knew every lump and bump on that road, you never moved so you could study it in detail.
  8. Smiled to myself as the story of the RAF Sea King in Scotland broke on tv. Wouldn't walking boots be more appropriate than flying boots? Is Scottish ice more viscious than say German ice or Norwegian ice?
  9. Love the temporary officers mess next to the Chopper!
  10. Bit harsh isn't it (your comment, not the ice)?

    They were doing what SAR types do in blizzard conditions when folk are trapped out on the mountains, trying their best to get to them. Unfortunately unlike Bristows the RAF and RN SAR force get to play with nice, antiquated helicopters without heated rotors which is just great in icing conditions.

    BTW, the a/c didn't get 'broke' the pilot decided that the ice forming on the rotors was getting too dangerous to fly with an put down. As an aside the rear crew of SAR helicopters get issued lovely Gucci boots for walking about in and until recently so did the people at the steering end, until some numbnut in the procurement game decided that pilots of SAR helicopters don't need to walk about in the snow on mountains. Oh.
  11. Just a bit of inter service rivalry. Was I that harsh? Let's ask the poor sods who have to guard it as it's still there. Still with or without the all singing and dancing boots, the crew must have warm feet now."Pass the kippers Nigel"
  12. It's still there, the weather is pretty bad though even stopped the trains so it must be worse than leaves. "Pass the muffins Nigel"

    Didn't they call the Lynx, the all weather Lynx? Oh how we laughed at that one as well.
  13. MS do not forget the classic 'the Lynx is designed for the ease of maintenance’

    If that was so how do they justify tri wings?

    The oh so accessible rotor brake just to mention a few
  14. So that's what they mean by all weather Lynx. It got serviced in all weathers. Remember MWAS 1982 some smug bastrad showing off new Lynx. "Still got fcuking tri wings" was the immediate verdict, don't think he understood never had to take off a fcuking panel before. Give me a Gazelle anyday, the panels fall off on their own. Wasn't the rotor brake the thing that always caught fire? Never much of a Lynx fan (servicing) preferred MLs , they didn't night fly.
  15. It's still fcuking there. "More kippers Nigel"