Sea food for Development?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Daz_of_hudds, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. Is Sea food e.g. Prawns, musscles etc good for developing your body?


    Daz :?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    No, exercise is.

  3. :roll: lol

    Sorry I meant with regular exercise...
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. Seafood is a high source of protein and omega 3 fats which do alter body composition
  6. The four great virtues of canned fish are i) it's cheap, ii) it's ready to go, iii) it's high in protein, and iv) the fats and minerals are vital for health (and people often don't get enough).

    You can get 200g tins of tuna for 40p and 120g tins of sardines for 16p. Big 400g tins of Pilchards are about 50p. I rinse them and mash them with a splodge of natural yoghurt and eat them on toast, curry them, chuck them in spicy pasta sauce..

    If you've got a fish market nearby fresh squid can be really cheap, depending on the season. Once you've got the hang of it, yanking the legs to get the guts out, rinse the main body, separate the legs - very quick. It only needs a very quick cook, and it's pure protein. Very fresh mackeral is also good - slash it, garlic, onion and tomato, quick cook, loads of mash. Mmmm.

    Hugh Fearnely- W*nker :)
  7. I've seen garlic and baby squid in olive oil for about £5.

    Local market do 1lb squid for £10 and I've seen some pretty good recipes for squid.
  9. Incidentally, fresh mussels are frustrating - in theory steam them, take one shell and use it as a spoon, but you can eat a bucket full, it takes an age, they cool, and you are still hungry.

    Cheap 120g packs from the freezer centre, ready cooked and line grown, chuck them in a pan with some cold water, drain, more cold water, drain....a few minutes and they are soft and ready to eat, on toast or in a pasta sauce. 20g protein per 100g, loads of minerals, hardly any fat. I'm going to go and get some soon, now that I've got my face set for them :D
  11. Went and bought some frozen mussels (just the meat and ready to eat) £2.25 for 500g: good value. Mussels also survive the freezing process well. A loose handful and a tiny bit of mayo or natural yoghurt to coat it; scrummy yummy on toast. If I'm making sandwiches up for work I squeeze all the loose liquid out of them for a meatier bite, and to stop the bread falling apart.

    One thing with seafood, especially mussels, prawns etc - you don't want to leave them somewhere hot for an age. For a summer weekend something that produces less lethal toxins is probably a good idea :)
  12. If you have a Macro card and a store nearby they sell alot of cheap as hell seafood produce. Admittedly you may have to gut the fish yourself and such, one said physical perfection was going to be easy haha.
  13. I was in Morrison's yesterday and their mussells were only a quid for 220g, shelled, cooked, ready to eat. Cook some pasta, whip a bit of pesto (cheap in Lidl/ASDA) through it, chuck in the mussells and stir through - people will think you can cook.

    There were a couple of gritty bites, but you expect that with mussells. Well worth a quid.
  14. Eating it is better than seeing it ...
  15. ....and it's funny how you can say that about a number of things that taste fishy.