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Had a look for a thread on good locations for a spot of fishing, preferably on the north east coast of Scotland but thought it might be worth seeing everyone elses experiences, good or bad on places around blighty! Feel free to call me a cum-drinking Mllaar if it has been done already but had a quick look and found nowt!

Cheers in advance, DS.
There used to be good float fishing for Tope off Essex. They go like stink on light tackle
Wherebouts bonzo? Im not a million miles away from southend.
Very quiet here in Devon at the moment. Was on North Devon coast Saturday night, quite a few codling and little Ling. Picks up a lot in March and time to start back out in the boat
davyskuller said:
Wherebouts bonzo? Im not a million miles away from southend.
If you go out of the Blackwater estuary, we used to get a boat from Bradwell. Had some cracking days fishing from there including 36 take home Bass for just 10 rods.
Cheers re-stilly, tried portmahomack a few weeks back off the rocks, fookin' dangerous! A couple of breakers gave me brown trousers so moved to the harbour for more shelter but not a sniff, lost a bit of tackle too! Will go for the west coast next time I get home, probably rhue point near ullapool.
davyskuller said:
Wherebouts bonzo? Im not a million miles away from southend.
Sorry about the delay in replying; plough your way thru this lot Essex Fishing link

I have used very large peeler crab for them and that worked really well
Cheers happy, hopefully get out there this summer! Will be going to Rhue point next week when I get back home, hopefully pick up a few pollock and coalies, maybe try some prawn bait for flatties.
Seafishing, a proper activity to partake in

I torture myself trying to fly fish in the salt around Plymouth and in hampshire
I took the wife down to Avon Beach in Christchurch yesterday and it looks like a nice beach and with the added bonus of a decent spot of crab fishing for the kids off the marina wall, has anyone done any fishing here before/recommend rigs/bait/when to fish/everything really????

(Sorry to hijack your thread DS)
No dramas commz, just a thread in general, trying to gauge folks experiences of fishing around the U.K!!
Ive just started a thread asking for a dedicated fishing forum, I reckon we could use one!
davyskuller said:
Possibly sticky this as a thread for fishing in general?
Can we have a fishing rod porn site, Ill start I have a Century" Black Rod " with a Mag Elite 6500 bolted on it, casts like shite off a shovel when I pendulum
Myself and big brother had a bash at arturlie point, no joy with spinner or sand eel so tried Nairn Pier for flatties. Nowt but a wee Dab, greedy swine swallowed the whole thing up to the spoon which left my brother to carry out fishy surgery on the pier wall! Picked up the dab using sand eel and flattie spoon.
Rhue point today with the old boy and brother, tried using lugworm and sand eel on a float for Ballan Wrasse but no joy so switched to spinning and smashed upwards of 10 pollock, best being my catch, about the 1.5lb/2lb mark!! Will post pic later! :D
Here is the aforementioned Pollock I picked up using a spinner.!/photo.php?pid=4947220&id=592685126
Hi Davyskuller

Some lads I know around clacton are doing alright from their kayaks at the mo, plenty of codling and some rays coming up. about 1 1/2 miles out I think they said.


I live near Mudeford, it's one of those spots that looks like it should fish its socks off, but it doesn't!
A better bet is Hengistbury Head, just over the harbour. The breakwater fishes well in the summer for the usual suspects in summer.
Most of the beaches have fishermen, but fish........
From my kayak Southbourne and Durley (both near Bournemouth) give me stacks of fat bream all through the summer about 4-500 meteres 0ffshore, but I'm not sure what's in casting range.

I don't beach fish anymore since I bought a sit-on-top fishing kayak. Best piece of fishing gear I've ever bought. Catch rate FANTASTIC! In 3 years kayak fishing I have probably caught more fish than in the previous 25 years shore fishing.Plus some good fitness work thrown in. BUY ONE SOON!!!!

Happy fishing, start that hread.
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