Sea Cadets a target!

My local Sea Cadet Unit - TS Fort Grange found themselves the target of local youths last week with the result that their guardpost had the windows smashed and the unit vehicle had windows broken and was trashed.

The members of this unit work hard to fund themselves and their operations and have been so successful that they are unable to bring any more cadets in at the moment as they are fully subscribed. They persistently find themselves abused by local kids who can also be found effing and blinding as the cadets parade.

There is the usual supportive noise from the community but at the end of the day they pull back from getting involved because they 'don't want trouble!'

As Chaplain to Sea, Air and (shortly) Army Cadets I am fed up with the anti forces attitudes displayed by many of the adults (fuelled by Iraq and other situations) and the attacks from the very kids who could benefit and find a dignity and freedom from the various cadet forces that they target.

Anyone else involved with cadet organistaions seeing this sort of abuse I wonder or is it just the mindless centre of England that has the problem?

I am the Liaison Officer for a rural Cadet Detachment who had their hut broken into twice in succession, resulting in a large amount of damage and equipment (personal & issue) stolen.

The area where this occurred is generally pleasant and it is believed to be members of a travelling group who were responsible. The unfortunate issue is that there are simply not the funds available to secure isolated detachments. Some would suggest moving the detachments into TA Centres; however this would deny the kids who live in smaller towns and villages the opportunity to attend.

I feel it is indicative of a general breakdown in discipline and social responsibility of individuals, especially those who would be the last to join an organisation like the Cadets or Scouts. It is also the difficulty (or unwillingness) for the police to follow up on what seems like petty vandalism.

I don't feel there is a quick fix for this problem as it is one of many which will only be resolved when the social fabric of this nation is repaired!

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