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  1. Ok chaps I know SDT calculations have been done to death on here...but I'm still struggling to be at the standard I require! I really want to bring my A Game and just cannot make a breakthrough with these.

    Anybody know any websites or literature that might enable me to get my head around this?
  2. Those are a little harder in all honesty, so if you get that sites down happily, your game.
  3. If you use that site for about 45mins a day you'll find STD a walk in the park by the end of the week. On top of that just remember to change the times into fractions - makes it that bit easier

    I'll give you an example and I hope it helps rather than confusing the hell out of you.

    What speed equates to 108 miles in 1hr 21min?

    First of break the time down into a fraction so 1hr 21mins is the same as 1 & 7/20 (there being 20 units of 3mins in an hour)

    This becomes 108 x 27/20

    The following step is to multiply 108 by 20 which equals 2160.

    From that divide 2160 by 27 which is hard enough or you can make it easy for yourself and divide 2160 by 3 to get 720 and then by 9 to get an answer of 80mph.

    Like I said I hope I haven't scared you off with that equation - best of luck!
  4. Fractions, fractions, fractions!! Have a search - this was done in quite some detail in the massive AOSB thread IIRC
  5. Blimey, that sounds complicated! Most of the calcs you do will be of TIME, I think, as the Planex seem to give you distance and speed; eg. you can travel at 3 km/hr over some sort of rough terrain and have 8km to travel.
    Try learning how long it takes to go 1km (or mile) at given speeds;
    eg. at 5 Km/hr it takes 12 min to travel 1 Km, so 7 Km would take 7x12 min = 84 min
    at 15 Km/hr it takes 4 min to travel 1 Km, so 11 Km would take 11x4 min = 44 min and so on!
    Make a table of most likely speeds; 2,3,4,5,6,10,12,15,20,30,60 Km/hr and corresponding times for 1 Km and get someone to keep firing them at you once you have learned them!
  6. I think I'm screwed when it comes to Main Board.
  7. Fecking hell mate!
  8. :? :? :?
  9. Makes me wish I was trying to get into the army of 100 years ago. They'd just give you a gun, point you in the right direction, and let you get on with it. Never a word of fractions.
  10. is this easier?

    1hr 21mins = 81 mins

    you need to find out how many miles per min... so:

    108 (miles) divided by 81 (mins) = 1.33

    this is miles per min so to convert to miles per hour multiply by 60

  11. You have obviously never heard of the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich where they taught Maths and Science to degree level!

  12. Yeah but Woolwich would have been Artillery wouldn't it? That's why Royal Artillery never allowed commissions to be bought, they had to be qualified.
    So there.
  13. Dunno really but I'd find that harder to do in my head!
  14. will there really be questions like that to do in your head??