SDSR Rumours...

or undisputable gen from a bloke who knows a bloke who's friendly with a guy that is familiar with a retired SO3 who worked in some 2* Command; you decide.

Ive searched round the forums and cant find a dedicated SDSR Rumour thread so my apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Anyway here's what I heard last week (in BFG):

All CR2 Regts to go, except one.

All RAF strike aircraft to go.Navy to take over Eurofighter.RAF to be retained but only as some sort of Strategic Transport Command.

7 Armd Bde to be disbanded.

20 Armd Bde to be relocated and based around the soon to be ex-RAF Lossiemouth.

Most AS90 Regts to go.

This was all debated most heatedly under the supervision of Messr's Bitburger,Warsteiner and Veltins :)
Well thats me up a creek.
Well I heard from a guy who knows a guy that them Navy geezers are going to raise the Titanic, chop off the top, slap on some paint and a bit of tarmac to shortcut the aircraft carrier "requirement". A red herring me thinks, surely sunken carriers during WW2 would be a cheaper option.

Same guy also told me that 20 Bde would be back in UK by 2013, it is true because his dad knows a guy who knows someone building a large shed in Catterick (nevermind that DE has stated in their DEDP '09 that the next Super garrison (to house a Bde from Germany) is planned for 2017-2022 in the West Midlands as a high priority), but I listen carefully to this guy because he knows his onions, he predicted that Iran was being invaded in 2009 and that the Falklands was kicking off again this year. His claims are further supported by someone else saying "yeah it's true, I heard it also" - Could it be because it is a rumour you morons!
I have it on good authority from a guy who overheard another guy talking about something he heard on the grapevine (or he may have just been talking about his grapes), but anyway this guy heard that we are going to do away with Armed Forces completely and give half the savings to that warrior tribe, the French, too defend us, its not like they'd **** off and leave us to fight on our own, now is it.

I personally think its a great idea, but then I haven't seen sunlight in 4 years.


I heard that Elvis is alive & living in Bognor.
Dunno about West Midlands, but RAF Cottesmore in Rutland will apparently be home to quite a few extra pongos quite soon. Harriers are all off to Wittering next month and by the middle of next year there'll be a phased refurb and handover well under way.

Swapping Krauts for hill-billys (with no hills) - good ****ing luck.
I've heard that from now on all units will have buy their own armoured vehicles out of Troop Funds. The Government will cover the cost of Land Rovers etc, but if we want replacements for 432s, CVR(T) etc then the lads are going to have to put their hands in their collective pocket.
Fact our defence budget is 37 billion

Fact the US are trying to save 100 billion

Well i reckon we should sent our top team over to Washington with begging bowls - get them to save a little less - and siphon some of the money our way. After all its a freaking special relatioship.

In return we could give them a gift in return you know - the RAF Regiment or something
Ex-GP Liam Fox drinks like a fish! Wow, an ex-GP who likes a few sherberts? That must have come as a total surprise to the party hierarchy.

What next? A chimney smokes like a chimney? Trooper swears a bit in the "cavalry are a bit sweary-gate" scandal? Blige!

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