Sdsr - rumours of manning cuts & voluntary redundancy

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Thomothehun, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Just throwing it out there as after a recent chat with DSPS(A) Brig M, I asked what the future of my Corps (AGC SPS) was and will redundancys be offered if manpower is to be cut, with Clerks being a obvious choice.

    Her reply was that nothing had been decided YET! WIth the rumours of manning cuts due the financial mire we are in both as a Country & Military, IF you were asked for voluntary redundancy how many of you would go for it.

    Me I would be first in the que, not because I don't like the job , but an opportunity to leave with financial security a nice golden goodbye and the chance to try something new would appeal. Plus I am a tight arse money grabbing Jock!

    So would you take it (redundancy)? And what do you think your goodbye would amount too... Discuss!
  2. They won't be generous goodbyes, that's for sure.
  3. I am not sure about that, take a High Level Cpl say 9 years left to push.. on around 34grand a year that is £350,000 + Allowances, maybe Op Allwance LSA maybe reaching in 9 years with promotion (maybe) roughly £365,000

    Ask him/her to leave now give £100,000 tex free golden goodbye + immediate pension, saving is there for all to see if you say times that by 200 or 300 soldier massive saving, quick fix.

    RIR didn't do to bad out of it so I heard.

    What amount would make you jump ship then?
  4. If I was offered my full immediate pension sum (which I still have 3 years left to hit) I would leave right now.

    Again, not because I dont enjoy the job but because it would offer me the chance to wrap this career up nicely and move onto pastures new with a level of security.

    I wouldnt leave for a penny less than that which i will be netitled to in 3 years, that said.. I would not seek to milk the opportunity either.
  5. Blows my mind that people expect massive redundancy payouts.

    If I was given the push in my current employment I think I would get 1 weeks pay for each year of service. I believe statutory redundancy payments are harsher in that the weekly figure used is capped.

    Harsh times do (and will) demand harsh measures.

  6. The RLC has said that those getting the chop from our Corps will be not be given redundancy payments. ( I presume they mean anything over what they are legally required to do). Not like the earlier 90s where quite a few cashed in.
  7. Just been on a course where we had speakers from MOD, APC, DM(A), HQLF, all the arms and service directorates - basically all the head sheds you can shake a stick at. Unless they cut the army by more than 10,000 (which is extremely unlikely), there will be no paid redundancy package. They will re-balance everything for Afghan and beyond and give everyone else a brown letter 12 months notice. I suspect that they will start to make certain aspects of service less appealing and force people's hands into bailing out.
  8. I think they are more likely to enforce the standards level that we have but rarely enforce.
    Cant pass a PFT after 6 weeks remedial? Goodbye
    Taken a class B drug for the first time and are a junior rank? Goodbye
    Have a cold weather injury and are therefor very little use in the army? Goodbye
    I dont think the MOD will have to do much to trim the numbers.
  9. Depends on CEG. Unlikely to touch ammo techs, but drivers and suppliers are bound to get slashed.
  10. Apparently it will be 200 job cuts across various trades in the RLC (except chefs who are really going to take it in the nuts) but 140 of those will be from undermanned posts so they only need to find 60 from 15000 members of the Corps (Chefs not included). They probably wont touch the ATs although it will be interesting to see if they cut the AT undermanned posts.
  11. There will be no redundancy-just Manning Control. The original poster says he is Cpl with 9 years to go, ie 13 done. Best get your third up before 15 years or you'll be SNLR.

    Same for officers. Reduced numbers of conversions and extensions.
  12. How does this brown letter work? I am a 14 yr Sgt, and my 15 year point is next year!!! How do they decide you are SNLR? I would rather they withdrew bods in my trade from thje RAMC (posts that their corps could man!) rather than binning people.
    I just hope they do not slash too heavily, I was too young to remember the 90's, but talking to some sweats it was disastrous.
  13. I have also heard that it will be manning control at the 12 and 15 year points, however a P7 (fat bastard, cant do anything unless its fun) has recently been told to sod off at about his 6 year point and I heard other units have the same policy, hopefully these will be included in the job cuts.
  14. See signature below. New guidance was issued in April this year - albeit very quietly. The old package of Special Capital Payments being based on residual/loss of service has gone. You'll just get six months pay now. Will redundancies be the chosen route? Good question, but with so many protecting their own interests, it may be the only way to go. Especially considering the revised 'cheaper' redundancy policy.