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Dear all,

PFA the latest versions of the RAF and RA 'SDSR Newletters' that are doing the rounds on DII(F) having escaped into the wild from those jokers at JSCSC. May raise a chuckle - unless you work in any of the organisations discussed, of course.

Note: the RA version has been re-constituted by some kind chap from the originals which were in 'Word' - therefore this is the same version that some may have received last week (as I discovered).

[Links removed - you had your chance]
If they're the same as the one (RAF) I have seen then it [they] were quite good. I even had the chance to put it on the desk of a Tornado Navigator which actually elicited quite a few giggles from said Crab Bastard.
Is there a thread somewhere thats specifically dedicated to SDSR rumours?

Ive heard some crackers and want to make sure they get as wide an audience as possible :)
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