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so with ramadan round the corner and the libya mission about to fail Dr Fox is preparing a report to protect the mod from the wrath of parliament by revealing the memos from mod to number 10 saying 'keep well out of it because you threw away the kit we needed'.

will we get an sdsr 2 and of so what do you reckon the consequence of it will be?

frankly I'm looking forward to it and I hope certain services get a right kicking over it.
There's no money. Any 'SDSR Mk II' will be more cuts. The only thing the Army has to look forward to in the foreseeable future is more cuts and the rather laughable assertion that the TA can cope with doing the Regs' job. Unless World War 3 breaks out in fairly quick time the whole of the UK Armed Forces are going to take hits that it'll take decades to get over.
A combined Guards regiment reserved for ceremonials when they're not being rented out to parade on some Sheikh's birthday or provide the marching band for the New York Yankees; a minesweeper, a Special Westminster EOD Unit, a Parliamentary and Royal Transport Squadron, THEM as CP for VIPs, and two nuclear subs to preserve the permanent seat on the UNSC. Two Regiments of Hayes Employment Agency Irregulars.

'Turdy Bernie' Gray will no doubt work out some wizard scheme to hire in regiments from G4S for any unplanned contingencies.
We've covered the ambulance, fire and bin men...

Maybe they could return the favour.
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