SDSR Lost opportunity for radical rethink?

BBC News - Defence review was 'lost opportunity', experts warn

Independent defence think-tank the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) asked more than 2,000 defence experts to assess the impact of the cuts.
About 68% said it was a lost chance for a more challenging re-assessment, and there were "deep concerns" the efficiency of forces was being pursued to the detriment of strategy.
He pointed out that "perennial problems" still had to be tackled, namely:
  • Over-committed forces;
  • The need to get Afghanistan right before any other serious adjustments;
  • The debate over maritime and ground-based strategies partly reflected in the carrier discussions;
  • The right balance of forces; and
  • The effect of the review on defence relations with the US and France
I wonder who these 2,000 defence experts are? Has anyone completed a survey for RUSI recently?
I suggest that you do not need to be holding a gun to be a defence expert. Indeed, I sometimes believe that we military are rather introspective about our profession, preferring to retain what we have than look at the problem from a more dispassionate view point. And I too, suggest that an opportunity has been missed here, through intense senior officer lobbying to retain and score points over the other two services.
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