DC> Not a cost saving exercise. Of course it is
7000 reduction in Army
30 000 deployable
A smaller army with less equipment will be easier to move about than a big one with more.

Well that at least makes sense.
RN to reduce to 30 000
19 Frigates and Destroyers
Harrier to go. Tornado to stay. Bad news for CAS.
ensuring carrier strike in the future, but wont have the aircraft for many years.
RAF lose 5,000
Navy lose 5,000
Army lose 7,000
Keeping the CASD, but binning Nimrod. Madness.
MRA4 was over budget, late and the previous Government cut the numbers to nine.

We will amend this error by cancelling the program entirely. Works for me.
40% reduction in Tanks and Heavy Artillery
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