SDSR Implementation review..

Well, here at UKSV we've mostly completed our SDSR merger with FCO vetting, plus we've successfully increase our manpower FTE by about 80. Overall, things are looking pretty rosy.
So my renewal, which I submitted 10 days ago, will come through nice and quickly?
In the last 20 years has any UK defence review been fully implemented before the next one starts?

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MPGS: Gone
RMP: Gone (What do they actually do all day)
MPS: Gone. Remove AWOL as a custodial offence, close MCTC. The real estate it sits on is worth alot of dosh!
RLC: Posties and Chefs gone
RAF Regt: Gone
Marines: Half gone

Thats just for starters. And would it make any real difference?
RAF Regt could do with getting Rapier back and actually being able to do their role of defending airfields.... your basic infantry isn't accustomed to that environment when doing tactical refuels etc...

RMP, MPGS could both go probably without a huge impact.
Not sure the Chefs and Posties will be enough in terms of money saving

Marines won't go, but they may well go back onto ships stagging on rather than carry on pretending to be Army units as they have been for a while ;)

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